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to the Internet or not. Leave the wireless router on. 2 Locate your wireless router. On the front is a series of lights. The ligh ts that say DSL, Internet and Power should be solid. 3 Look under the numbered lights. These lights flicker when someone is using the router to access the Internet. If all of your computers are off and one or more of the lights still flickers, this means someone else is connected to your Internet. Zamzon Wireless 4 Download and install Zamzon located in the Resources section. 5 W oatmeal diet atch the video tutorial on the Zamzon home page. This will teach you how to use the program to determine whether there are people who are using your wireless signal. 6 Follow the steps indicated in the video.1 Download and install the most current drivers offe Mathilde Meyer red for your wireless adapter from the adapter's website or your computer manufacturer's website. 2 Click Start, then click Con .

ears. 4 Click on each Power setting in the Property window, then click the Value drop-down. Select the highest setting for e ach Power property, then click the OK button. 5 Attach a high-gain antenna to the wireless adapter. These antennas produce a s tronger outgoing signal.1 Place the Windows XP installation disk into the computer and restart the computer. 2 Follow prompts to p ress any key on the keyboard. Press the R key when the Windows XP setup menu appears. 3 Press the 1 key and press Enter. Pro 3d diamond vide an administrator password if you have one. 4 Type copy e:i386ntldr c: and copy c: at the Command Prompt to copy these files to your hard drive. Replace e with the letter of your optical disk drive if you have a different dri Mathilde Meyer ve letter. Press Y and Enter to confirm that you want to overwrite these files. 5 Remove the installation disk and restart the .

ptical drive, and then wait for the driver to automatically launch. Proceed with the installation and reboot the computer. 3 Wait for the computer to detect wireless connections automatically. They should show up in the Wireless Connections icon in your Sys tem Tray located at the bottom of the computer screen. Right click on the icon and select View available wireless networks. 4 N avigate to the Network Connections window if the available wireless networks do not show up in your system tray. Click Start, different fonts and then Control Panel, and then Network Connections. Select Wireless Network Connections, and then double click on the name of the wireless network to connect. Enter the WEPWPA pass phrase if you are prompted. The computer should tell you that you are Mathilde Meyer already connected to the Wi-Fi network. 5 Open a Web browser and then open a website to confirm that you have successfully connect .

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