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ed the computer to the wireless connection.1 Turn on your computer and insert the Sandisk Cruzer into the USB port of your compute r. Wait for the computer to recognize that you've inserted an external piece of hardware. 2 Click the U3 icon in the system tray . The system tray is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen of your computer. 3 Click Settings from the right-han d column and then select U3 Launchpad Settings. 4 Click the Uninstall tab in the left column of the U3 Launchpad Settings sc 3d diamond reen. Once you click the tab, a button appears in the middle of the U3 Launchpad Settings screen labeled Uninstall U3 Launchpad . Click this button. Then click Next at the bottom of the screen to continue. 5 Choose whether you want to restore the data on Mathilde Meyer the drive or not. Select the Yes radio button if you want to save all of the data currently on the drive. This takes up to 15 mi .

chkdsk x: f and press Enter, substituting x for the letter of the drive containing the faulty index table. 4 Press Y if a sked to confirm the drive repair. 5 Reboot your computer to auto-repair the drive's indexing information.1 Minimize or close all w indows so that the computer desktop is visible. 2 Position the pointer over the desktop and right-click. A menu will appear. 3 Mov e the pointer to the bottom of the menu and select Personalize. A window will open, displaying several options from which to cho different fonts ose. 4 Find and click on the Mouse Pointers option. A Mouse Properties option box will open. 5 Locate the tab near the top tha t says Pointer Options. Once this tab is selected there will be three options: Motion, Snap To and Visibility. 6 Click ins Mathilde Meyer ide the first box under the Visibility option. It is to the left of the words Display pointer trails. The check mark in the bo .

ive. Power off your computer, remove the power cable from the wall and remove the computer case side panel using a screwdriver. Lo cate the hard drive bay and lock in the new hard drive. 2 Connect the power cable and data transfer cables to the new hard drive a nd close up the computer case. Plug your computer back into the wall, turn the computer on and allow Windows to boot. 3 Click Sta rt Menu, located at the bottom left-hand corner of the toolbar. Once the Control Panel has opened, click System and Maintenance free vector images and Administrative Tools, then double click Computer Management. In some cases, your administrator password may be necessary to make the changes. 4 Look for the navigation pane under Storage, click on Disk Management and find the new drive. 5 Format t Mathilde Meyer he drive. Under Disk Management, right click on the new drive and select Format. After the formatting is complete, the drive w .

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