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e the name of the file in the search box or right-click and select Explore, and then navigate to the directory to find the file. 4 Select Copy. 5 Navigate to the [hard drive directory letter]:Program FilesCorelGraphics10Config where the CorelDRAW ap plication is saved on your computer, and then right-click. 6 Select Paste. 7 Restart your computer and then start CorelDRAW 10. If you still encounter an error message similar to Unexpected condition encountered: Condition #5000-DRAWDOC2-0395, completely r wheel of time ebooks cover art emove CorelDRAW 10 from your computer's hard drive and then reinstall it.1 Set up a router. Plug the computer router into a wall o utlet near your Internet modem. Plug a network cable from your cable modem, DSL or other broadband service into your router's Inte Mathilde Meyer rnet port. 2 Plug a computer into one of the router's open ports using a network cable from your network port. Open a Web browser .

ter on all the computers you want to use wirelessly. Wireless adapters often come built in to laptops. If your laptop or desktop d oesn't have one you can plug a USB adapter into your computer. 4 Go to the Control Panel and select Connect to a network. Choose Wireless and then click on the network you set up and click Connect.1 Connect a computer directly to the Linksys wireless rou ter with an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable may be removed after configuration is complete. 2 Open a Web browser and enter 192 free academic school calendar template .168.1.1 without quotes in the address bar. A password box appears. This is the default factory address for a Linksys router. E ntering this address takes you to it's Web interface. 3 Leave the user name blank and enter admin without quotes for the passw Mathilde Meyer ord. Press the Enter key. After the Enter key is pressed, the Linksys Web interface is presented. 4 Click the Wireless tab a .

s button at the bottom of the page. 6 Click the Wireless Security sub-tab. 7 Click on the wireless connection security standard , such as Disabled, WEP, WPA or WPA2. Enter a password if using WEP, WPA or WPA2. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom o f the page.1 Power down the Dell E310. Make sure to back up any important information onto outside drives or CDs before performing the hard-drive reformat. Once you reformat the drive, you lose all the information stored on it. 2 Insert the Windows CD into the free web templates and football computer and boot up the system. Press F8 until a boot screen appears. Select Boot from CD and press Enter. 3 Select to ref ormat the hard drive, then accept the reformat process and your hard drive will begin to reformat. Once finished, the computer wil Mathilde Meyer l restart. 4 Select to perform a full installation, then choose the reformatted hard drive as the installation location. Press En .

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