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ill be ready for use, and may be located under My Computer with your other drives. You can now also change the drive letter and path using the Disk Management menu.1 The first step as with any thing you are doing that involves taking the cover off the case of a computer. Always be sure that you are free of static electricity and do not wear anything that produce static electricity su ch as a wool sweater. 2 After ensure that you are free of static electricity, you may now remove the cover off the computer case. different fonts 3 Locate the optical drive you wish to replace and remove cable and cords from it starting with the power cord, then the ribbon ca ble, and finally the digital audio line if present. 4 Remove the optical drive from the bay. This may entail removing screws that Mathilde Meyer is holding it securely in place or releasing the snaps if it is snapped into place. You may slide it out of the bay slot now. 5 Ma .

d to any cords, they are not restricted in terms of placement and use. A user can operate a wireless mouse from across the room if necessary. Wireless keyboards can be placed at a variety of heights depending on the user's preferences. This makes it easier to find the right posture, or to fit computer devices in awkward areas. Less Mess With wired devices, the cords from keyboards and mi ce can cause clutter around the workspace. This can be distracting and even make normal work or repairs more difficult. Wireless i free vector images nput devices cut down on the clutter and allow workers to be more focused on the tasks at hand. Wireless devices are also much eas ier to transport. Complex System Support Wireless devices typically have many more connection possibilities than wired peripherals Mathilde Meyer . Users can set up multiple keyboards or wireless mice to the same system for certain projects, then switch them back to their ori .

wireless devices, and wireless systems may not work correctly with each other. Businesses that want to use multiple wireless solut ions must spend time and money searching for devices that can operate in sync and fit with current computers. Costs Wireless syste ms, in general, cost more than traditional wired options. This changes from device to device, and prices are falling as the market is becoming more accepting of wireless input devices, but costs still remain comparatively higher. This makes it more expensive f rental application form or a user to switch to wireless than stay with wired options. Interference Wireless keyboards, mice and other such devices can dev elop interference problems. If a line of sight connection is needed between the transmitter and receiver, then objects may block t Mathilde Meyer he path. If the devices operates on a wireless network, the router may slow the device down while transferring large amounts of da .

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