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ta. This makes wireless devices less reliable, especially when many are being used at the same time.1 Eject the SD memory card fro m your electronic device. 2 Flip the SD card over or on its side. You should see a small switch on the back or side. 3 Push the sw itch down in the direction of the Lock label if there is one. This enables the copy protection of the SD card. 4 Insert the SD card back into your digital device. You can no longer copy content to the SD card.Locate Your Wireless Adapter 1 Open the Control free vector images Panel by clicking on the Start button or Windows icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Highlight and click on Contr ol Panel in the pop-up menu. 2 Open the Network and Sharing Center application window by double-clicking on the Network and Shar Mathilde Meyer ing Center icon in the Control Panel. 3 Locate your wireless network adapter by clicking Manage network connections and then fi .

Network application window by clicking the Start button or Windows icon, then highlighting and clicking Connect to. 5 Click Wir eless to show a list of any available wireless networks. This list will include both security enabled networks and networks that you can access without a password, but which are less secure. 6 Move your computer closer to a wireless hotspot to detect a signal or improve signal strength. Any location that broadcasts a wireless or Wi-Fi signal, such as libraries, coffee shops, airports rental application form or bookstores will use a wireless router to transmit that signal. If you are sitting in a place that advertises wireless capabilit ies, you may need to physically move closer to the router so that your computer's wireless network adapter can detect the signal.1 Mathilde Meyer Unplug the power supply to the Internet modem and wireless router. 2 Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back o .

supplies into power outlets. Wait two minutes. The wireless network is now set up in a basic configuration. 5 Click on the wirele ss network reception icon on the Windows task bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, select your wireless network from the list and click the Connect button. If you haven't set up your wireless network before, they are usually named after the man ufacturer of the wireless router by default. For instance, a Linksys router creates a network named linksys. 6 Open a Web browse download books online r window and enter the wireless network router's IP address into the Web address bar. Check out Resource 1 for a listing of defaul t IP addresses and administrator account user names and passwords. 7 Enter the admin user name and password when asked to log in t Mathilde Meyer o your wireless router. 8 Change the wireless network name, or SSID, for your wireless network and enable password protection. T .

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