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an electrical outlet. Plug in the power cord to your laptop, turn it on, and log in to Windows. Press the Wireless button on th e laptop to turn on the wireless antenna. The button usually will have a wireless icon on it. 3 Click the Wireless icon on the t ask bar at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select the wireless network you want to connect to, then click the Connect but ton. You will be automatically connected to the Internet. In some places you will have to agree to the terms of service before con best fonts to use for christmas cards necting to the Internet.Flash Drives USB Flash Drive One of the smallest and most portable types of storage devices is the flash d rive. Flash drives are also called USB flash drives or USB drives because they plug into the Universal Serial Bus port. They range Mathilde Meyer in data capacity from 64 megabytes to 256 gigabytes. They have a built-in 1.1 or 2.0 interface USB and are usually removable, rew .

involving two specific kinds of cable: PATA Parallel Advanced Technology Advancement and SATA Serial Advanced Technology Advan cement. These cables signify the speed of which data is transferred. Because of the large capacities of internal hard drives --- more than a terabyte --- SATA is becoming the preferred cabling method because of its faster transfer speed and expansion capabili ties. External Hard Drive External Hard Drive External hard drives are a type of hard disk drive connected to the computer via mea jim dale harry potter audio books download ns of a USB or Firewire cable. They are designed for desktops or laptops for external data storage and have a sufficient capacity to store data as large as 1 terabyte. They are relatively affordable and are fast becoming the desired choice for data backup. CD- Mathilde Meyer R CD-R Compact discs recordable, or CD-Rs, are circular storage devices not more than 115 mm in size, with a central round opening .

or DVD-R, looks identical to the CD-R. However, its main use is to store movies; hence, its storage capacity is significantly high er than a CD-R, up to 4 gigabytes.1 Open the Start Menu on your laptop and click Connect To. Click Network and Internet from the box that opens. 2 Click Connect to a Network under the Network and Sharing Center section. This will open a list of all w ireless networks available. 3 Click the network or SSID you wish to access. In the box that opens, type the WEP network password a crime audio books online free nd click OK.1 Adjust the screen's position if it appears to be sideways or bent. Go through the monitor's Menu and adjust the H-Size, H-Phase, V-Size and V-Center positions until you have centered the screen. 2 Disconnect and reconnect the cable running fr Mathilde Meyer om the monitor to the computer. If the connection is not tight, the screen may appear distorted. 3 Change the monitor's refresh ra .

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