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Lastly, click on Connect to the Internet. If the option of connecting to the Internet is not available, click on Connect to a N etwork. 4 Click on the wireless signal you would like to connect to. For example, if you arein a Starbucks, you may see an Intern et connection labeled Starbucks. If you are in someone's home, the connection may be titled as the brand name of the wireless ro uter or the individual's name. 5 Type in a password if prompted. Many wireless signals are protected from unauthorized access by a personal website examples n eight- to 10-character password. Your computer will automatically attempt to connect to the Internet.1 Check your power connecti on. Try another outlet. If you are connected to a UPS, make sure the UPS is not overloaded by checking the lights on the UPS. If t Mathilde Meyer he Overload light or the Replace battery light is on, this is likely the problem. 2 Plug the laptop power cord into a reliable .

is the plug that connects your laptop to a power outlet and charges the battery. This may be causing the problem and trying a diff erent adapter is the only way to be sure. 4 Order a new battery and replace the current one. After you have checked the wall outle t and replaced the adapter, the battery is the last thing that will likely cause the problem. The new battery should snap right in to place. You will have to order the precise battery needed from the laptop manufacturer or a parts retailer.1 Insert the manufact texture wallpaper urer's installation disk into your computer. The specific software, drivers and utilities installed varies depending on the manufa cturer and the wireless network adapter model. In general, you will install the software suite and drivers by clicking Next unti Mathilde Meyer l the process completes. Some driver installations require you to insert the PCMCIA wireless network card during the installation .

u can only install the card one way, so if it is not going in the slot, turn it over and try the other orientation. Windows should automatically detect the new card and use the installed drivers from Step 1 to automatically complete the setup.1 Turn off the co mputer and unplug it. 2 Remove the screws on the rear of the case and pull off the right panel. 3 Insert the drive into the mounti ng bay at the front of the case and screw it into position. 4 Connect an IDE cable from your other drive to the IDE port on the ba milkshape 3d ck of the Toshiba drive. 5 Connect a four-pin power cable to the power port on the back of the drive. 6 Set the jumper on the back of the drive to the Slave setting.1 Download a keyboard remapping program. The two most useful ones are called KeyTweak free, Mathilde Meyer or Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator free to download after validation that you're running a genuine copy of Windows. 2 Install .

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