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integral system processes or tasks.Preventive maintenance software applications are designed to alert the user to scheduled maint enance, to maintain correct operating levels and to offer ways to reduce potential risk. Optimizing labor Preventive maintenance a nd safety applications can be used to keep track of and schedule different maintenance tasks.These tasks can be given to employees to reduce idle time in their routine and cause preventive maintenance to become a regular task, scheduled into the workload.This book downloads is preferable to pulling employees off of their regular work in order to fix a problem that could have been avoided.Of course, pre venting a problem is much safer than reacting to one that has already happened. Audits With preventive maintenance and safety soft Mathilde Meyer ware, employers have the ability to audit certain aspects of their business that is being monitored in order to break down mainten .

Find the workgroup name by right-clicking on My Computer and choosing Properties from the drop-down list. Look for Compute r Name. Set both computers to the same workgroup name. 2 Go to Network and Sharing Center if you have Vista or Windows 7 and se lect Home or Work network. Check your Windows help file or the Windows website for details on each if you aren't sure which ty pe of network you want to establish. 3 Open file and printer ports in your Vista or Windows 7 settings, if applicable. A full list free sample websites of the ports you'll need to open is available at Microsoft's networking guide see References. If you have Windows Firewall inst alled, it will automatically open the correct ports for you. 4 Turn on public folder sharing in the Network and Sharing Center. Mathilde Meyer This allows any computer on the network to access files on this computer. You'll probably have to enter your Windows admin passwor .

ndows 7, go to Network and Sharing Center, select Password protected sharing, then Turn on password protected sharing. In Vi sta, go to Sharing and Discovery, then Turn on password protected sharing. 7 Share files on any network computer by right-clic king on a file or folder and choosing Share. The file or folder is then available to any computer on the network.1 Power down yo ur Windows 98 computer and unplug all of the cables from it, including the power cable. Lay the case flat on its side and remove t textures for photoshop he screws holding the side panel to the computer. 2 Locate the hard drive inside the computer, which is generally near the front o f the case. It will have two cables connected to it. One cable will be connected to the computer motherboard, the other will be co Mathilde Meyer nnected to the power supply unit PSU, near the rear of the computer. 3 Unscrew the hard drive from its metal housing and unplug .

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