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ss the specific BIOS menu access key your computer uses, such as F1, F2, Escape or F10. Check the bottom of the screen dur ing the boot up process to see if your computer model lists the key you need to use with a prompt such as Press F2 to enter the s etup menu. 3 Press the right arrow button to scroll through the BIOS headings and navigate to the Advanced heading. Tap the dow n arrow key until you reach the PCI Devices option. 4 Hit Enter to open the PCI Devices menu. Select the option labeled PCI lord of the rings audio books online Device Slot. If your computer uses more than one PCI expansion slot, highlight the specific slot that holds your Crossfire 4870 X2 graphics card. 5 Tap Enter again. Scroll to the Enabled option and press the Enter key to enable your Crossfire card. Pre Mathilde Meyer ss Escape and scroll to the Exit tab. Choose Save and Exit and press the Enter key. Wait for the operating system to boot .

d select the Update Driver option. Choose Search Automatically and click Next and Finish to update the card's driver.Downl oading a Malware Protection Program Malware protection can be a useful tool in rooting out computer problems. Even if a similar pr ogram is already installed on the computer, it may have been compromised. Some types of malware target protection programs and dis able their ability to run and receive updates. Downloading a malware protection program that is updated may be more sturdy and run zune wont turn on free icon before the malware can disable it. Use a malware protection program that other people have used or one you arefamiliar with.Be pr epared to spend some money -- free downloads usually scan the computer and bring up a possibly long list of trumped-up computer pr Mathilde Meyer oblems in order to get the user to buy the program. Talking with a Technician When the problem has been fixed, the computer may st .

Some companies, such as Trend Micro, offer a set of instructions or have a tech help you get the protection program up and running . Usually this service is free with the purchase of the protection software. Registry Mechanic A program like Registry Mechanic ca n be helpful in repairing normal computer codes. If the computer icons are still not responding, it could be an indication of norm al computer codes breaking down. This can occur after years of use and may cause the computer to develop quirky attributes, such a what are the best fonts on dafont s having to bring up the task manager to click on icons or windows. Programs like Registry Mechanic go through the normal codes an d determine if any have corroded. Once it has completed the scan and you have initiated the program to make repairs, those quirk Mathilde Meyer y computer habits may disappear. Rebuilding the Icon Cache File Sometimes an icon will be unresponsive because its link to the pro .

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