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ard, where you can find an open power source. Connect the other end of the cable into this port. 4 Determine whether you want to u se the new ATA hard drive as the master drive or the slave drive. The master drive is where you install the operating system and primarily all of the programs. A slave is used to save files and other content such as music, images and videos. 5 Examine the AT A ribbon cable. There are three connection plugs, one on each end and a third in the middle of the cable. Use the cable in the mid textures for photoshop dle if you want the hard drive to be a slave drive. 6 Plug one end of the cable typically marked motherboard into the motherboa rd next to the ATA ribbon cable of the other hard drive. Connect either the middle connection plug or the other end of the cable Mathilde Meyer as determined in Steps 4 and 5 into the ATA cable slot on the hard drive. 7 Close up the computer case, replace its screws and co .

k Tools from the toolbar at the top and select Internet Options. The Internet Options window will open. 2 Click the Connect ions tab at the top of the window, and click LAN Settings in the Connections section. 3 Uncheck the Proxy server check box, and click OK to close the Local Area Network Settings window. Click OK to close the Internet Options window. Firefox 4 Open Firefox, click Tools from the toolbar at the top and select Options. The Options window opens. 5 Click the Advanced tab i 3d files n the Options window. Click the Network tab, then click Settings in the Connections area. 6 Check No proxy and click OK to close the Connections Settings window. Click OK to close the Options window.Definition Commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, w Mathilde Meyer ireless fidelity is a local area network WLAN technology trademarked by Wi-Fi Alliance. Function Wireless fidelity connects elec .

dard set ensures that the structure and format of the signals are properly converted and receive minimal interference. Process Wir eless fidelity functions via a network adapter connected to the network device. The network adapter converts digital data into a r adio signal, which is then sent to other network devices. The other devices in range of the wireless network access point, or hot spot, pick up the signal and translate it back into digital data.1 Power on your computer and wait for the operating system to fu Sacred Heart Diet lly load. 2 Open Computer Management by clicking Start, Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools and Co mputer Management in Windows 7. In Windows Vista, System and Security is labeled System and Maintenance instead. 3 Click Dis Mathilde Meyer k Management in the left pane under Storage. Disk Management displays a list of available hard disk drives on your computer. .

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