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eless networks within your range. Click on the name of the network you want to join. 4 Enter a password if the prompt asks you to do so. If you do not know the password to the network you are trying to access, ask the system administrator. 5 Choose the type of security encryption that the Wi-Fi network is secured with if you are attempting to join a private network. You will need to know whether the network is of the WEP- or WPA-encrypted variety. Again, contact the server administrator for this information if nece parchment texture ssary. 6 Allow your laptop a few moments to join the network. If you receive an error message, return to the available wireless ne tworks list and attempt to join an alternate network. If the connection is successful, you will see a status window pop up on the Mathilde Meyer bottom toolbar that indicates you have joined the network.1 Uninstall the last software program that you installed before the lapt .

gh to perform the scan, especially if the problem is a virus. 3 Check your laptop's battery for any problems. Plug the AC adapter into the battery charging slot on the side of the laptop. See if the battery will charge. If it does not, then the battery needs r eplacing with a new one. 4 Run Vista's Checkdisk program to scan the hard drive for any problems. Click the Start circle in the bottom left corner of the screen. Select My Computer. Right-click the C: drive and select Properties. Click the Tools tab Seattle Sutton Diet .Click Automatically fix file system errors, then Check now. Click Start. The program will scan and repair any problems on t he hard drive. 5 Restore the laptop to an earlier date with System Restore if your Sony VAIO is still crashing. System Restore wil Mathilde Meyer l revert the VGN-FZ190 to a time when it worked without any crashes occurring. Click the blue Start button in the bottom left co .

button, then Yes again to restart the VGN-FZ190 with the settings you selected.1 Remove the screws on the computer case using the screwdriver. For most computer cases, the screws that disconnect the main chassis from the cover are located on the back of th e machine. 2 Screw the hard drive into the 3.5-inch slot in the front of the case. Ensure the screws firmly hold the hard drive to the case to avoid hard drive damage. 3 Insert the IDE or SATA cable from the motherboard to the hard drive. IDE cables are gray 2 calligraphy fonts 4-pin cables. SATA cables are red 7-pin connectors. To identify the type of cable you use, look at the back of the hard drive to m atch up the pin count with the appropriate cable type. 4 Insert a power cable from the power supply to the hard drive. The power s Mathilde Meyer upply provides power to all the devices in your machine, including your hard drive. 5 Replace the case cover using the screwdriver .

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