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. Turn on your machine and boot into your operating system. Notice the operating system reports extra storage space available for your computer.1 Make sure you have paired your Bluetooth device with your computer. You can access the pairing menu on your HP com puter by clicking the Start button, followed by Control Panel, and then Bluetooth. Click Add under the devices tab in the Bluetooth menu to begin the pairing process. 2 Make sure you are using your Bluetooth accessory within range of your computer. Mos Seattle Sutton Diet t Bluetooth devices have a range of 15 to 30 feet. if you take the device outside of that range, it will no longer be able to comm unicate with your computer and will not work. Try moving your device closer to the computer. 3 Check the batteries in your Bluetoo Mathilde Meyer th device. Since Bluetooth accessories are not connected physically to your computer, they cannot use your computer's power to ope .

, which looks similar to the signal bars present on cellular phones. 3 Examine the network listed under Wireless Network Connecti on. The name listed is your SSID. Access Router If Connected to Wireless Network 4 Click on Start. Type cmd without quotes in the Search text field. Press Enter. 5 Type ipconfig without quotes in the command prompt box. Press Enter. 6 Examin e the Windows IP configuration results. Find the Local area connection and the Default Gateway. Write down the Default Gatewa calligraphy fonts y IP address. 7 Open a web browser. 8 Type the Default Gateway IP address you wrote down earlier into the address or location b ar. Press Enter. 9 Type the password for the router. Press the Enter key. View the bottom of your router for the default pass Mathilde Meyer word or access your router's documentation if you are unsure of the password. 10 Examine the Wireless setup section or a simil .

ke sure the computer is turned off and unplugged. 2 Find an open bay in the front of the computer case. Slide the hard drive in an d screw it in on each side. You will need to use at least two computer case screws on each side. 3 Connect the power and data cabl es from the computer to the hard drive. The power cable comes from the power supply and plugs straight in and must face the same d irection as on all the other drives. The data cable will come from the motherboard. The drive will be either SATA or IDE and need font face the appropriate cable. If the hard drive shares the same cable with the VISTA hard drive, make sure the jumper setting on the XP d rive is changed to slave, as listed on top of the drive. Make sure the Vista computer has the right connection for a SATA or IDE d Mathilde Meyer rive depending on what the other drive is. 4 Close the computer case and plug the computer back in. Restart the computer. The XP d .

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