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rive should be visible as another hard drive but will not boot as the main drive. You may wish to delete the Windows folder on t he XP drive.1 Position the router in a central location in the household. If the router is located in a basement or the bottom lev el of a multi-story home, you will lose some of the signal strength. 2 Remove any electronic obstructions, such as aquariums, cord less phones and microwaves, that may interfere with the wireless signal. If they can't be moved, then move your router away from t calligraphy fonts hese types of items. 3 Purchase a cat6e category 6 Ethernet cable from your local computer store. Most routers come with a cat5e cable. Since the Linksys WRT150N is using the newest wireless N technology, a cat6e will maximize its range and signal strength. Mathilde Meyer Replace any existing cat5e cables with the cat6e cable connected to the Linksys router. 4 Upgrade the antenna to the Linksys route .

et the specific area where your computer is located. 5 Purchase a wireless repeater. Wireless repeaters will instantly boost the s ignal strength of your Linksys router. Distribute the repeater between your computer and Linksys router and turn on the device. Yo u will notice an increase in signal strength and range. 6 Make sure the wireless adapter in your computer is also wireless N. A wi reless N router wrt150n only benefits the laptops and computers that have wireless N adapters. Refer to your computer's literatu font face re to determine if you have a wireless N network adapter. You can upgrade to a wireless N adapter by visiting your local computer supply store. Many wireless N adapters can either be installed in a computer or connected via your PC slot or USB port.1 Turn on y Mathilde Meyer our computer and allow the operating system to load. 2 Insert the SDHC card into the SD card reader or directly into your computer .

rs interface with computers through the USB port of the computer. 4 Wait a few seconds to allow your computer to recognize that yo u've connected external hardware. 5 Locate your SDHC card on the computer. Click Start, and then My Computer. Under Devices w ith removable storage, you should see the SDHC card. 6 Double-click the SDHC card to open the contents of the card. Your computer is now successfully reading the SDHC card. 7 Read a specific file by double-clicking any file inside the SDHC card folder. Altern business proposal template atively, you can copy files to your computer's hard drive and read files from there. To do this, right-click a file inside of the SDHC folder and select Copy. Then, open a location on your computer where you want to copy the file and right-click. Select Pas Mathilde Meyer te and the file is copied onto your hard drive. Do this for larger files, like media files, because they are likely to run more s .

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