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4G use instead. 3 Leave the username blank and type in Password and press OK. 4 Click on Status, which is th e right-most menu choice along the top menu, then select Wireless in the menu that pops up under the top menu.If you are using a WAP54G, click Setup in the top menu, then click Basic Setup in the menu that pops up under the top menu. 5 Make note of the W ireless MAC address. 6 Disconnect the Ethernet cable and reconnect it to the second WAP54G first if you are using a WRT54G. 7 Lo pages templates free g in to the router using the procedures in steps 2 and 3. 8 Click AP Mode in the menu that is under the top menu.The top menu ha s Setup, Wireless, Administration, and Status. 9 Select the third option down labeled Wireless Repeater and type in the Mathilde Meyer Wireless MAC Address you made note of earlier into the text box. 10 Click on Save Settings, then exit the WAP54G.Troubleshoot or .

old down the power button for 15 seconds if the D600 fails to wake. Press the power button again to boot the system. 4 Log in to W indows on an administrator's account. Double-click the QS icon to open the Power Management Wizard. 5 Configure the settings i n Sleep Mode to disable standby. Flash the BIOS 6 Connect the AC adapter to the Dell D600. Plug the AC adapter into the wall. 7 Power on the computer. Press F2 on the Dell logo screen to access system setup. 8 Use the directional pad to select Boot Order. wall textures Use the up-and-down arrow keys to select CDDVDCD-RW Drive. 9 Press Space until a small triangle appears to the left of the device. Press U to move the drive to the top of the list. 10 Insert your BIOS Update CD into the disc drive. Press Esc to sav Mathilde Meyer e your changes and exit from the setup menu. Click Yes. Follow the onscreen instructions to flash your Dell's BIOS. 11 Press F2 .

Choose the Control Panel option in the pop-up menu. 3 In Windows Vista, click on Device Manager. Click the + sign next to Ne twork Adapters and right-click on the wireless adapter. Click Enable. 4 In Windows 7, click Network and Sharing, then Network Options. Click Manage Network Connections. Right-click on the wireless adapter and enable it by choosing the Enable option. 5 In Windows XP, click Performance and Maintenance, then the System icon. Choose the Hardware tab, then Device Manager. Fr subway diet om here, right-click on the wireless adapter and click Enable.Power on the Computer 1 Check that your computer is properly plugg ed into a power source. Push in both ends of the power cable to make sure the connections are not loose. If you are using a power Mathilde Meyer strip, turn it off and then on again. If you are using a wall socket, try plugging the computer into a different socket. 2 Push on .

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