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evious state and restarts your computer upon completion. 4 Click OK.1 Power down your computer and remove all of the cables in t he back of the system. Take out the Phillips screws around the sides of the case, then slide the case off of the computer. 2 Slide the SATA hard drive into one of the available slots at the front of the computer next to your other hard drive. 3 Plug the SATA cable into the data port on the back of the hard drive. Connect the other end of he cable into the SATA host adapter found on the paint texture computer motherboard. 4 Plug the power adapter cable into the back of the SATA hard drive, then insert the other end of the cable into the power port on the motherboard next to where your other hard drive is connected to. 5 Close the computer case, insert t Mathilde Meyer he screws and plug the cables back into place. 6 Power on the computer and insert the driver installation CD. Momentarily the driv .

Internet cables. 2 Look at the back of the wireless router. 3 Check to see if there is a password or wireless key written down by the manufacturer. If you cannot see your password, continue to Section 2. Manufacturer's Default Password 4 Connect the back o f your wireless router to the back of your computer using an Ethernet cable. The cable should be inserted into the Ethernet ports, which look similar to a phone port. 5 Open a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. 6 Locate your router's IP warrior diet address and type it into the address bar of your Web browser. Contact your wireless router's manufacturer if you do not know its IP address. 7 Enter your router's login details. See Government Security: Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices to Mathilde Meyer find your router's default login details. 8 Click on Wireless Settings and continue to Security Settings. Type in your new wir .

t the AC power adapter to the wireless router with the Reset button pressed. Wait another 20 seconds until the 'Test' light or a ll of the lights begin to flash. 12 Allow the wireless router to fully reboot. 13 Type in your router's default password. See Gov ernment Security: Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices for a list of all default router logins and passwords by man ufacturer.1 Press R and the Windows key simultaneously. Type taskmgr without quotes in the Open field and click OK. Op free download fonts en the Processes tab. Right-click wgatray.exe and click Delete. Exit the Task Manager. 2 Click Start and click the arrow bu tton next to the lock icon to select Restart. Tap the F8 key repeatedly until the advanced boot menu launches. Use the arrow k Mathilde Meyer eys to scroll down to Safe mode and press Enter. 3 Click Start. Type c:WindowsSystem32 without quotes in the Search .

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