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cted.1 Install a recovery program. The three most common ones are EASEUS, Recuva and TOKIWA DataRecovery. All these programs funct ion the same way. 2 Open the program and scan the hard drive containing the file. The usual drive that would have thi s file is the C: drive. 3 Select the file. Click the Restore or Recover button to recover the file.1 Set the correct jumper settings for your Maxtor to be a slave. Your jumpers are located on the back of the drive. The jumpers are usually flat icon just a single plastic plug that covers two pins in a series of pins. Check your Maxtor's manual to see where this plug should be placed for slave; sometimes it might involve removing it altogether. 2 Remove your computer's cover. This might involve removing a Mathilde Meyer couple of screws on the side or back of the computer, or maybe flipping a couple of switches or buttons. 3 Mount your hard drive. .

Connect your drive. First, locate a power plug. These will be white plastic plugs with three or four holes in them and coming out of your computer's power supply. Insert one of these plugs into the thicker rectangular port on the back of the Maxtor. Then locat e the IDE wire coming out of your current hard drive; this will have a long and flat plug somewhere along it. Connect this plug to the other port on your Maxtor. 5 Recover and reconnect your computer. 6 Boot your computer and enter its BIOS screen. If you are sign in sheet unsure how to do this, watch your computer upon start-up; there should be a message telling you what to do. Enter the basic setup screen and locate the Primary Slave under Drives. Select your Maxtor drive, then exit BIOS and reboot your computer.Troubleshoot Mathilde Meyer the Burner 1 Click on Start. Type nero infotool in the Start Search text field in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Click on Pro .

d firmware version number. 3 Search for your burner online if you purchased the burner by itself or for updates at your computer m anufacturer's site if the burner shipped with the computer. Compare your firmware version with the latest firmware version. 4 Down load and install the latest firmware version, if applicable. Follow your manufacturer's instructions and the on-screen prompts. 5 Search for a compatible media list for your burner, and buy only the recommended media brands. 6 Reduce the write speed prior to e free books to download xecuting a burn by clicking on the Write speed drop-down menu and selecting a lower speed. Open a Support Ticket 7 Take a screen shot of your error message by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard while the error message is on-screen, opening yo Mathilde Meyer ur favorite image editor and clicking Edit and Paste. Save the file to your desktop as a JPG. 8 Download the GetSupportFiles. .

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