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ion and you can use them without issue. Downloaded Content 6 Download software such as the Wondershare Media Converter or AnalogWh ole that can convert the DRM protected content into files without the DRM see Resources. 7 Open the software you downloaded and add the DRM protected content to the software. This can be done by dragging and dropping the files or by clicking Add in the pro gram's window. 8 Click Convert and the software will take care of the rest, creating a new file without the DRM protection. 9 Us leaf texture e the files you created to burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player.1 Turn off the D-Link router. To do so, pull the power adapter out of the router. Turn off the Internet modem. In most cases, pull the power adapter out of the modem. 2 Plug an Ethernet cable Mathilde Meyer into the Internet port on the back of the modem. Plug the other end of the cable into the WAN wide Area Network port on the ba .

ve the Web address. Enter into the address and press Enter on the keyboard. Place admin in the user name field and leave the password blank. Press Enter on the keyboard. 5 Click on Manual Configure and then click on Wireless Settings to a ccess the password security for the router. 6 Locate Wireless Security Mode and pick your desired level of security. WEP is popu lar and all network components will work with WEP security. Type in your desired password and select Save Settings at the top of Biggest Loser Diet the page. Close out of the router settings page. 7 Locate the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right-hand tool tray of your screen. The ic on looks like signal bars and is colored red or green. Double-click on the icon to load the settings page for your computer's Wi-F Mathilde Meyer i antenna. 8 Select WIFI ON from the drop-down menu on the lower left of the settings page. The computer searches for all Wi-Fi .

G or N Wi-Fi adapter. Wireless G adapters are very economical, while N-speed delivers a much faster broadband connection. 3 Cut a n opening in the center of strainer with a wire cutters that will tightly hold the USB Wi-Fi adapter. 4 Insert the USB Wi-Fi adapt er approximately halfway through the wire strainer's opening. Secure the connection further by applying a bead of silicone caulk a round the adapter where it meets the strainer if you wish. 5 Connect the female end of a USB extension cable into the USB end of t what the font he Wi-Fi adapter. 6 Plug the male end of the USB cable into an open USB port on the computer. 7 Follow the computer instructions a s it detects new hardware. 8 Connect the wooden handle of the wire strainer to a length of wooden broom handle with wood screws to Mathilde Meyer extend the length of the antenna stand. Then position the antenna on a horizontal access until the strongest signal strength is .

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