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seen on the computer screen.1 Use Super Fdisk to remove the Master Boot Record and manage your partitions from a single interface . Super Fdisk refers to this feature as Erase MBR which will delete every partition in the hard disk. 2 Download and run MBRWiz from the command line to instantly wipe the MBR. MBRWiz is a commercial software that comes with boot record repair and backup too ls. You can use the Wipe parameter to remove the MBR. 3 Launch MBR Utility to see various actions that you can take on your MBR Biggest Loser Diet . One of the options include the ZERO parameter which will set the Master Boot Record to zero. MBR Utility deletes all of the p artitions as a result. It also provides options to install standard and Windows 7 MBR code.1 Turn off the PC and unplug all cables Mathilde Meyer . 2 Open the case with a screwdriver. Most cases have several screws along the right side of the back of the case that will allow .

it. 4 Slide the hard drive into the bay with the ports on the back of the drive facing back, then mount the drive in place using t he mounting screws that came with the drive. 5 Connect the drive to the motherboard using a SATA interface cable. The cable should come with your hard disk. Simply look at your currently installed SATA drive and plug the cord into the back of the new hard disk in the same orientation, then follow the SATA cable of your current drive to the motherboard to locate the SATA ports and plug th what the font e other end of the cable into a free SATA port. 6 Plug a SATA power connector into your new SATA drive. Look for a power connector coming from the power supply the big box-shaped device with a bundle of cables coming from it that is identical to the one plug Mathilde Meyer ged into your current SATA drive, then plug it into the port on the back of the new hard drive. 7 Close the computer's case and pl .

ur computer and press the appropriate key to enter BIOS setup. The key may be prompted on your screen; if not, check your user man ual to find out the correct key to press Delete, F1, F2, ESC, F10 and F12 are common keys. 10 Navigate the BIOS setup system and instruct it to detect new hard drives. Each BIOS will be different; within the BIOS, there should be a list of key commands on th e screen that you can use to navigate the menus. Look for a menu dealing with hard disk configuration. 11 Save the changes and exi website icon t BIOS. After you exit, your computer will start up normally.1 Slide the SD card into the SD slot on your computer or into a card reader that is connected to your computer. 2 Click Start and select Computer to view all the storage devices on your computer. Mathilde Meyer 3 Right-click the SD card under the Devices With Removable Storage section and select Format from the context menu. 4 Click the .

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