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File System drop-down menu. Choose between FAT, which is the FAT16 format, and FAT32. Choose FAT if you are unsure. You c an always reformat the card if the file system is not compatible with your electronic device. 5 Click Start at the bottom of the Format window. A warning message tell you that formatting the drive will delete all data. Click OK to begin the formatting.1 Mo dify the BIOS Basic Input Output System settings for the 64-bit AMD processor and Intel Pentium processor. If the processors hav what the font e not been configured for the two computers, make certain that you enable the features CPU Cores and CPU Multi-Threading.Search th e BIOS to locate the features in the Advanced BIOS Features menu. 2 Create a list of components and processors that you want to ev Mathilde Meyer aluate. Your list should include the names of the Intel Pentium and 64-bit AMD processors, and the operating system, motherboard, .

mes and how compatible they are with certain software applications.For example, you could compare AMD's Anthon 64 FX with Intel's Pentium 4 processor to determine which processor is faster, or how well each performs during a multitasking session. 4 Evaluate th e 64-bit AMD and Intel Pentium processors' performance by using system utility applications. The utilities are designed to provide real-time information about a computer's performance. You can compare information about the processors' maximum clock speed; CPU website icon memory usage and settings; refresh rate; voltage; how much RAM random access memory is being used; and fan temperatures, to help determine if the processors are overheating. 5 Compile your information and use it to determine whether the 64-bit AMD or the Int Mathilde Meyer el Pentium performs better when running the programs and tasks that are important to you. Then choose the processor that best suit .

able wireless connections within range of your laptop. Click the refresh icon at the top of the window to have your laptop scan th e area. 3 Click on the wireless hotspot you want to connect to and select Connect. Enter the security password if your laptop pr ompts you to and click Ok. 4 Open your Internet browser. When your laptop confirms that, you have successfully connected to the wireless hotspot. View the terms and conditions of using the hotspot if the browser reroutes you to the hotspot entrance page. Cli resume templates ck Accept or Yes to agree to the terms and conditions of the connection. Begin browsing the Internet as desired.Preparation Co mputer forensic investigators are properly trained, with specific training pertaining to the kind of investigation they are conduc Mathilde Meyer ting. In addition to education and training, the investigator will be aware of all the tools that will be needed, and have them on .

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