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hand for the investigation. Collection During the process of collecting digital evidence, the investigator will ensure that the d ata remains intact and unaltered. For later proof that evidence hasn't been tampered with, he will calculate and record a cryptogr aphic hash of an evidence file, to be compared to the original as proof that the evidence has not been modified. He will further a ssure the integrity of digital evidence by imaging computer media with a writeblocking tool, establishing a chain of custody and d website icon ocumenting everything done to the evidence. He will examine a computer's RAM for evidence prior to powering it down, as some digit al evidence may be stored only in the RAM and will be lost after the computer is turned off. Examination During the examination st Mathilde Meyer ep, the investigator will verify and catalog the presence and integrity of the original evidence and any copies. Analysis The inve .

o crack passwords and retrieve protected data, keyword searches and extraction of email and pictures for further review. Reporting After analysis, the computer forensic investigator prepares and delivers a report. This may be a written report or an oral testim ony. In some cases, she may prepare both a written report and a supplemental oral report.1 Turn off the computers connected to the wireless router. Most computers will not recognize the Internet connection once the Linksys router reboots. The easiest way to re resume templates store the Internet connection to the computer is to boot it up once the router reboot is complete. 2 Turn off the wireless router by removing the power cord connected to the back of the Linksys router. Linksys routers do not have a power onoff switch. Power i Mathilde Meyer s removed by removing the power plug. 3 Turn off the Internet modem by pulling the power cord from the back. Like the Linksys rout .

he Linksys router back on by plugging the power cable back into the back. Allow the router to boot up until the Internet and Wi reless Light illuminate. The Internet light blinks and the Wireless Light is solid. 6 Power on each computer connected to the Linksys router.1 Back up any necessary files. Restoring the W3118 to its factory settings will erase any files and programs you d ownloaded and installed. Save any files you wish to keep by copying them to an external storage device. This can be a CD, DVD, ext free ebooks ernal hard drive or USB flash drive. 2 Insert the eMachines restore disc into your W3118 computer.To do this, press the OpenClos e button on your disc tray, place the disc face-up into the tray and press the OpenClose button again to close the drive. 3 Re Mathilde Meyer start your computer.The system restore process cannot be used while Windows is running, so it is necessary to restart the system.S .

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