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elect the Start button on your Windows taskbar, select Shut Down and then Restart.The computer will then restart automatical ly. 4 Boot your W3118 from the restore disc.When the eMachines logo appears after restarting, press the F12 button to open the b oot menu.Select the Boot from CD or DVD option.When the phrase Press any key to boot from CD appears, press a button to start the disc. 5 Complete the restoration process. To do this, follow the prompts and confirm you wish to restore your W3118 system.The resume templates computer will then be automatically restored to its factory configuration.1 Connect to the Internet using the aircard. On the hos t computer, open your carrier's mobile broadband connection software and activate the connection by clicking Connect. Open your Mathilde Meyer web browser or another network-intensive program and verify that the connection is active. 2 Open Internet Connection Sharing ICS .

t-click on it. Click on Properties located at the bottom of the window that appears. 4 Click the Sharing tab at the top of the Properties window and check the box next to Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection. Click OK to save this selection. 5 Open the Start menu and click Connect to. 6 Select Set up a connection or network and, when prompted, click the option to create an ad hoc network. Click Next and follow the on-screen prompts to create an ad hoc free ebooks network name and a security key. 7 Connect other devices to the network. On each computer or other device you want to connect to t he ad hoc network, view the available wireless networks in the Windows system tray. Locate the ad hoc network you created in step Mathilde Meyer 6 and enter the security key if you added one. Upon pressing Connect you will have access to the Internet via an aircard.1 Cli .

orner for the box labeled Sort by.Choose Frequency of use.Programs that are used rarely may be programs you can do without. 3 Select a program to delete by clicking it with the mouse.Once it has turned blue, there will be a box on the right side that says remove. Click the box and wait for the computer to uninstall the program. 4 Repeat step four until all unnecessary programs are uninstalled. Restart the computer.1 Install the RMClock Utility. RMClock Utility can be downloaded. The program details all the in awesome fonts formation about a laptop's CPU. 2 Click on the Management tab after opening the RMClock Utility. The Management tab is found a t the top of the window. 3 Change the AC Profile and the Battery profile to Automatic management. This is found on the drop- Mathilde Meyer down menu next to their respective titles. 4 Clear the list above this that indicates the PST. Do this by selecting the items in t .

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