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he list by highlighting them then pressing Delete found on the right-hand side of the list. 5 Select the lowest Bus Clock Multi plier FID from the drop down menu. There should only be two options. Check the current Requested Voltage Level VID under th e General tab. 6 Lower the VID by one from the current VID listed in the General tab. For example if your VID is 0.875 volts t hen change it to 0.850 volts. 7 Click Apply and go to the General tab to verify the changes made.Installation Most laptop comp free ebooks uters come equipped with a built-in wireless card. For users without built-in cards, or those looking to upgrade, installing an in ternal card can be arduous because it involves going into the computer to add the equipment. A USB network card is plugged into th Mathilde Meyer e computer and begins working right away, once the necessary software is installed. Connectivity With both devices, the level of c .

y, the difference between built-in cards and USB cards is negligible. Durability Built-in wireless cards are susceptible to damage if the computer is harmed in any way. These cards can come loose rather easily, resulting in the wireless network not working pro perly. USB network cards can be kept in a safe place when not in use, but because they are external devices, they can go missing.1 Turn your computer off and unplug the power cord. Never open your computer's case while it is plugged in. 2 Open the computer's c awesome fonts ase. 3 Locate your current hard drive. Compare the current jumper setting to the pin settings on the label. The jumper pins are us ually located on the back of the drive by the cable connectors or on the side of the drive. The jumper is a small, rectangular pie Mathilde Meyer ce of plastic with a copper lining. It will be attached to the jumper pins in the factory setting. 4 If the jumper is currently se .

new drive. Set the jumper to correspond to the slave present, SP or slave setting shown on the drive's label. 6 Secure the new dri ve in an empty slot in the computer's drive bay. Use a screwdriver and mounting screws to attach the drive. 7 Connect the controll er and power cables to the new drive. 8 Close the case, attach your power cord and turn your computer on.1 Disconnect the computer from any electrical sources. 2 Remove the computer case's side access panel. This may require the removal of one or more thumbscr template ews from the rear face of the computer's case. 3 Locate the computer case's main drive cage towards the front face of the computer case. 4 Slide your SATA drive into one of the free drive bays inside the drive cage. The drive should be oriented with the power Mathilde Meyer and data sockets facing the rear of the case. 5 Locate a SATA power cable coming from your computer's power supply and plug it int .

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