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o the rear of the hard drive. The power connector is the largest socket on the rear face of the hard drive and is keyed to allow f or insertion in only one orientation. 6 Insert one end of the SATA cable that came with the hard drive into the remaining socket o n the rear face of the drive. This connection is also keyed to allow for insertion in only one orientation. 7 Insert the opposing end of the SATA cable into one of the free SATA data ports on the computer's motherboard. These ports are located in the lower rig awesome fonts ht corner of the motherboard just to the right of the PCI slots and below the RAM. 8 Replace the computer's side access panel and reestablish any electrical connections that were previously severed. 9 Boot into the operating system. The Windows 64-bit operatin Mathilde Meyer g system will automatically set up your new drive for use and install any needed system drivers.1 Connect a Cat5 Internet cable to .

the back of the router. This powers the router on automatically since the router does not have a power switch. Allow the Wireles s light located on the front of the Linksys router time to illuminate before moving to the next step. When the light illuminates, the router is broadcasting Wi-Fi signal. 3 Locate the Wi-Fi icon in the tool tray located in the lower right-hand screen of your computer. The icon looks like signal bars and the color is red or green. Double-click on the icon to launch the Windows Wi-Fi Wiza template rd. 4 Inspect the lower left and corner drop-down box on the Wizard screen. Change the drop-down menu to WIFI ON if the box curr ently reads WIFI Off. Once turned on, allow the Wizard time to locate all wireless networks in your area. 5 Select your wireless Mathilde Meyer network by clicking on it once it shows up in the list. Click Connect to establish a wireless Internet connection on the comput .

en disconnect the power cords to your computer and electrical outlet. 2 Remove the cover from your computer case using a Phillips screwdriver. Put the screws in a small container so you won't misplace them. 3 Locate the 3.5-inch floppy drive and disconnect the power connector and data cable by pulling them out of the device. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard. 4 Untighten t he screws that are holding the floppy drive into place.If possible, pull the floppy drive out from the front your computer; otherw texture ise, lift it out from inside the case. 5 Insert the HDD drive into the empty 3.5-inch drive bay.Line up the holes in the HDD with the holes in the drive bay. Replace and re-tighten the screws that you previously removed from the drive bay. 6 Check the HDD driv Mathilde Meyer e to see if it securely in place and does not move or shift out of place.Plug the power connector into the HDD and the motherboard .

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