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d of the case. Remove the Phillips screw holding the card to the computer's case. 7 Grab the top end of the wireless PCI card and pull the card upward to remove it from the PCI slot. Discard the old PCI card and the removed antenna. 8 Place the new wireless PC I card over the PCI card slot. Align the card's notches with the holes on the PCI slot and push the card down gently until it lock s into position. Replace the Phillips screw to hold the card to the case. 9 Place the new antenna that came with the new card onto cg texture the visible antenna port on the outside edge of the back of the computer's case. Ensure the antenna is pointed upward at a 90-deg ree angle and screw the antenna onto the port. 10 Set the side access panel back onto the computer and replace the Phillips screws Mathilde Meyer or twist the thumbscrew until it locks. Connect all of your computer's various cables and turn on the computer. 11 Follow the Fo .

Remove the LNB low noise block receiver from the end of the extension arm of the satellite dish. 2 Install a USB Wi-Fi adapter a t the end of the extension arm. Use plastic cable ties or a metal strap to secure the adapter to the metal armature. 3 Connect any common male-to-female USB cable to the USB Wi-Fi adapter. If the satellite dish is on a roof, you will need USB cable extensions. 4 Position the dish outside in the direction of known Wi-Fi access points. To best pick up radio frequencies, line-of-sight LOS DHEA should exist between the satellite dish and the Wi-Fi source. 5 Plug the USB cable into any open USB port on your computer. 6 Mon itor the signal strength from the computer's Wi-Fi interface. Drivers are included on a disk that comes with USB Wi-Fi adapters. T Mathilde Meyer hird-party Wi-Fi software can also be downloaded from the Internet. 7 Connect to the strongest Wi-Fi hot spots.Check the AC Adapte .

the outlet. 3 Open the lid and hold down the power button for several seconds to boot the computer. If the computer fails to power on, swap the AC adapter with another compatible adapter. Check the Battery 4 Hold down the power button for 15 seconds to confirm the Toshiba computer is powered off. 5 Remove the AC adapter from the power jack and close the lid. Turn the computer over onto i ts face. 6 Unlock the battery from its compartment, and slide the battery release latch to the side to eject the battery from its camera icon compartment. 7 Remove the battery from the laptop. Wipe the contacts with a dry, anti-static cloth. Leave the battery out for at l east 20 minutes. 8 Reinsert the battery into the Toshiba laptop. Lock the battery in place. Reconnect the AC adapter to the comput Mathilde Meyer er, and plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet. Turn over the Toshiba Satellite P35-S6292 and open the lid. Press the power button .

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