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to boot the computer. Wake the Computer From Hibernation 9 Connect the AC adapter to the Toshiba Satellite, and plug the AC adapt er into a wall outlet. 10 Press the power button until the power light flashes green. The LCD screen should come to life. 11 Hold down the power button for 15 seconds if the computer fails to respond. Press the power button again to boot the system. In rare ca ses, the laptop may have crashed while in standby or hibernation mode, and will not wake up until you forcibly reboot the computer DHEA .1 Click Start, type Set Association without quotes and press Enter. 2 Choose the problematic file type. 3 Click on the C hange Program button. 4 Select the program that you want to associate the file type with. 5 Check the box next to Always use the Mathilde Meyer selected program... and click OK.Prevention of Caller ID Spoofing 1 Block spoofing calls. Services such as or saf .

o your voicemail and steal your personal information and contacts. Criminals can use this information to make spoof calls to your contacts and phish for sensitive information. 3 Avoid revealing sensitive information, such as your credit card or bank account nu mber, via phone. Banks will never call you and request such information; they only request such information over phone when you in itiate the contact. One of the main reasons that criminals spoof is to obtain your information. Hence, always be on guard, and do camera icon not assume the caller ID is always accurate. Prevention of Email Spoofing 4 Safeguard your email address and avoid disclosing it. Spammers are one of the biggest perpetrators of spoofed emails. Use a spam filter, and always use an image to display your email o Mathilde Meyer nline. 5 Distinguish real emails from spoofed ones. Look at the part of the email after the @ sign. Make sure that this part ful .

Many spoofing emails will request your Social Security number, date of birth or bank account number. Most legitimate financial in stitutions, however, will never request such information via email. 8 Report suspicious emails to the company being spoofed. Call the company, or find the email address for reporting suspicious activity on its website. Doing so encourages the company to alert other customers.1 Download a hard drive cloning program to the computers desktop, for examplethe Carbon Copy Cloner program. Doubl pms color chart e-click on the programs icon once it has fully downloaded. Follow the command prompts to install the program onto the computers ha rd drive. Reboot the PC. 2 Plug one end of a USB connection cable into the USB port of a USB external hard drive. Plug the other e Mathilde Meyer nd of the USB connection cable into a USB port on the computer. 3 Double-click on the icon of the hard drive cloning program to la .

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