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n process. 4 Burn the disk when foot traffic by the computer is light. You don't want to have children jumping around the computer or a sound system rumbling next to the computer. This can cause vibrations and force the DVD burn off its track and result in an error on the DVD.1 Back up everything that you wish to keep from the computer's hard drive to an external drive. Since the hard di sk will be restored to its original condition, everything in it will be erased. 2 Restart your computer. Go to Start, Turn off pms color chart computer, then Restart. 3 Press either the F10, F11, or F8 when the first screen appears at startup. You will have to ent er the key fast enough to access the recovery utility before Windows loads. The recovery button varies by manufacturer, but one of Mathilde Meyer these three buttons will work. If you see the Windows screen appear, you must restart your computer once again, repeating this st .

he recovery process is completed, your computer will restart. 5 Follow the next set of screens as Windows is reinstalled on your m achine. You will have to indicate which language to use, the date, the time etc. Upon completion, your hard disk will be restored to its factory specifications.1 Overwrite the data on your hard disk with erase drive software from your hard drive vendor. Visit Gizmodo's website for a listing of hard drive vendors and where to obtain the software you need. The software is usually free. 2 S wood textures ecure wipe your hard drive. Secure wiping provides an extra level of security and isn't normally necessary for the average person who wants to safely dispose of their his drive. However, if you want to make sure any sensitive data is removed before you dispose Mathilde Meyer of your drive then secure wiping may be the choice for you. There are many products available for wiping a hard drive, including .

spin any more, making the data unreadable.1 Disconnect your modem from the power source it is plugged into. 2 Take an ethernet ca ble and connect it to the rear of your wireless router. The cable will go into the Ethernet port listed as WLAN or Internet, depen ding upon how your router was manufactured. 3 Take the other end of the Ethernet cable and place it in the Ethernet port on the ba ck of the broadband modem. 4 Connect your modem to the power source once more. Wait for it to boot up and detect the wireless rout Eat Right for Your Type er. This will take a minute. Press the Reset button on the top or back of the modem in case it does not configure correctly upon i nitially plugging it back in. 5 Peruse your wireless routers included manual and find where it lists the manufacturer-provided URL Mathilde Meyer web address for setting up your routers security and permissions. There will also be a password in this same section of the man .

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