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ual, so make note. 6 Type the manual-provided URL into your Web browser and hit Enter. You will be prompted with a password reques t, so use the password provided by the instruction manual. 7 Type a name for your new wireless network. This is also known as a SS ID, so dont be confused by the terminology used. You may also choose to encrypt your network connection so unauthorized users cann ot join. Choose WPA encryption from the types listed, as this is an encryption method newer and superior to WEP. 8 Type a password wood textures for your new Wi-Fi connection, then click Apply. 9 Click the wireless icon on your laptop. On a Mac you will find this icon on th e right side of the top toolbar, while on a Windows machine it is on the right side of the bottom toolbar. 10 Select the name of y Mathilde Meyer our network from the list that appears after you click on the wireless icon. When prompted, enter your password if you encrypted y .

f the check disk options and click Start. 3 Select Schedule disk check. Restart your PC. Allow the tool to scan and repair the Defragmenter. Proceed to Step 4 if these instructions don't correct the problem. 4 Click Start. Type rstrui.exe in the Searc h field and press Enter to launch the System Restore tool. Select a restore date and click Next. Restart your PC. 5 Click St art All Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Defragmenter. Make sure the Defragmenter is working properly.1 Place the I Eat Right for Your Type DE hard drive next to the laptop. 2 Set the drive jumper to master. IDE drives have a small two pin plug on the back between the p ower port and the IDE plug called the jumper. The hard drive itself should have a label on it that shows the various jumper positi Mathilde Meyer on settings. To change the jumper, carefully grasp it with the tips of your fingers;pull it straight back and then push it back on .

a long, narrow slot with two rows of pins. 4 Connect the hard drive power cable to an outlet and then connect the other end of th e cable to your hard drive's power plug. IDE drives accept a standard 4 pin PC power connection; a power cable that comes with an IDE to USB adapter should have this connection. 5 Plug the USB end of the adapter cable into an open USB port on your computer. Th e hard drive will be recognized as an external storage volume like any other external hard drive or flash drive.Installing a USB a calendar icon dapter 1 Install the software for the wireless Internet adapter by inserting the included installation disc into the computer's di sk drive. Run the installation wizard and install the drivers for the device and any programs for managing wireless networks. 2 At Mathilde Meyer tach the wireless Internet adapter to an available USB port on your computer. The drivers for the adapter should be installed auto .

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