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veImage XML DriveImage XML is free for personal home use, but costs money to use in a commercial environment. DriveImage XML also makes use of VSS to allow for backups during use. DriveImage XML can do network backups, and Runtime Software also provides a plug in version for use on WinPE Windows Preinstalled Environment based boot CDs. DriveImage XML allows for browsing of backup images and can restore specific files from those images, rather than requiring a full re-image of an entire HDD. Paragon Backup and Reco itinerary template very Free Edition Paragon's Backup and Recovery Free Edition is a well featured drive imaging and backup utility. Backup and Recov ery, as with the previous two software applications, supports VSS. From here it packs in many more features that you normally woul Mathilde Meyer d only find on commercial software. Backup and Recovery supports read and write with numerous file systems such as FAT File Alloc .

terface, Parallel, Serial and External Serial ATA Advanced technology Attachment HDDs, all USB 1 and 2 devices and Firewire dev ices, PC card storage media, and GPT GUID Partition Table. Last, Backup and Recovery can make bootable USB flash drives or CDsD VDs for emergency recovery.Performing A Primary Factory Reset 1 Find on the back of your Netgear wireless Router a small circular recessed button marked reset. 2 Use a pin or pointed object press and hold the button for 10 seconds, until the test light start asphalt texture s to blink. 3 Release the button and wait for the Netgear router to reboot. 4 Use the default password password or 1234 to log i n. If you are unable to log in still, continue to Section 2. Performing A Secondary Factory Reset 5 Unplug the Netgear router from Mathilde Meyer its external power source. 6 Find the reset button again and while the router is switched off, press and hold the reset button. 7 .

lly reboot. Type in the default password and log in.Using a USB Universal Drive Adapter 1 Remove your hard drive. To do so, unplug your computer If you're using a laptop, refer to your instruction manual for the location of your hard drive and take out the ba ttery before proceeding. Touch a grounded piece of metal to avoid transferring a charge to components in your computer. PCs typic ally have a removable side panel. Remove the panel's screws and lift it off. Disconnect the wires connecting your hard drive to ot Eat This Not That her components in the computer. Unscrew the drive from its housing and lift it out. 2 Connect the drive adapter to your hard drive . Universal USB adapters come with different connectors to make them compatible with different kinds of drives. Examine the port o Mathilde Meyer n your drive and select the appropriate connector on the adapter. 3 Connect the adapter to a power source. 4 Plug the USB end of t .

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