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ation of a gap between the cover and the base. Assemble your laptop by reversing the dis-assembly instructions found in the Resou rces section below.Wireless LAN Encryption Encryption scrambles your data so that it can't be read by people in between the sourc e and the destination. Wireless data traveling through the airwaves can be intercepted by someone outside the network who has a wi reless adapter, so it must be encrypted to be secure. Types of Encryption Wireless LANs use two major types of encryption: WEP Wi awesome fonts red Equivalent Privacy and WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access. WEP encryption is not as strong as WPA encryption; it can be cracked i n one to two minutes by a determined person. Using WPA WPA encryption is much tougher and is suitable for a range of security leve Mathilde Meyer ls. However, you may have devices or network adapters that do not support WPA. MAC Addresses If you must use WEP encryption, you c .

routing device to only allow specific MAC addresses. Wireless Security On the Road When you travel with a laptop, know that whate ver information you send from it wirelessly can be intercepted when the connection is not encrypted. Keep this in mind when using it at a coffee shop or airport.1 Insert a clean, writable or re-writable CD into your CDDVD drive. Once your computer loads the disc, an auto-run window will appear on screen. Select Burn files to data disc from the dialog box. 2 Type a name for the disc character reference letter optional and then click the Next button. The disc will now begin the formatting process. Once formatted, your disc will be in the Windows Vista default Live File System format, ready for burning. This format is the easiest way to burn discs in Windows V Mathilde Meyer ista. 3 Open the folder containing the system files you desire to copy to your CD. Click and drag to select the desired files, th .

drive bay door for each drive you wish to install into the enclosure. 2 Pull the enclosed trays outward to expose the drive housi ng area. 3 Insert a drive into each tray with the label facing up and the drive connection ports facing the rear of the enclosure. 4 Slide each drive tray back into the enclosure. The drive will snap into place and make an audible click when the connectors l ock into place. 5 Close each door on the front of the hard drive enclosure case and connect the enclosure's cable to your computer photoshop texture . 6 Power on the unit and allow it to recognize and arrange all the newly installed drives for use with the operating system. This process may take several minutes depending on the speed of your hard drives and computer.CD-R A CD-R is a CD that is capable of b Mathilde Meyer eing burned to one time. It can hold 700MB of data, which can be any type of data that is stored on your PC. Rewritability Once yo .

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