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in substituting ESSID with the name of your wireless network:keyESSID=[1] yoursecuritykeyhere key [1] enc open 4 Save etcco nf.dnet and exit the text editor.Open a new terminal and type the command dhcpcd wlan0, substituting wlan0 with the device name of your wireless adapter. 5 Type iwconfig wlan0 to confirm that you are connected to the wireless network.1 Turn on the power t o your Acer and press and release the Eject button on the side of your CDDVD drive. If the CDDVD drive door does not open, the photoshop texture n move on to Step 2. 2 Click on Start on your desktop and then on My Computer or Computer. When the window opens, right clic k on the CDDVD listing. If your computer is able to read the DVD that is in the drive, the name of the disc will be listed there. Mathilde Meyer 3 Right click on the DVD drive, and scroll down to select Eject from the drop-down menu. At this point, the CDDVD drive door s .

. This will manually open up the drive door and eject the DVD.1 Look at your computer's system tray. The system tray is the small row of system icons in the lower right corner of your desktop. In this system tray there will be a Wireless Connection icon that should have a small orange dot in the middle of it. This orange dot indicates that wireless networks are available, but you are n ot currently connected to any. 2 Click on your Wireless Connection icon. A list of available international wireless service prov Eat to Live ider connections will expand vertically over top of this icon. 3 Click the listing for the international wireless service provider to which you want to connect. 4 Click Connect. Your laptop or desktop computer will now be connected to that particular interna Mathilde Meyer tional wireless service provider.1 Install the router in an elevated position, such as on top of a book case or cabinet. Placing t .

to the Internet port on the back of the router with an Ethernet cable. This port is usually separated from the rest of the ports to make it easier to find. 3 Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the remaining ports on the back of the router to a wired networ k adapter on your computer. Open your web browser and type in the default IP address for the router, found in the router documenta tion. 4 Enter the default username and password for the router when prompted and click OK. Follow the steps in the automatic con arrow vector figuration wizard. You will need to know if a username and password is required for your connection, which can be obtained from yo ur Internet Service Provider ISP. 5 Open the wireless settings configuration area. Make sure that the wireless radio is enabled. Mathilde Meyer Set the Wireless network name SSID to a name that you will remember. 6 Set the security options or encryption to WPA2 if the .

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