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option is available and enter a pass phrase. If WPA2 is not available, use WPA. These options make it more difficult for peopl e to take control of your router without your permission. Write down the network name and pass phrase. 7 Set the password to acces s the router configuration page to a new password. This should include letters and numbers. Make a note of this password for makin g changes later. 8 Enter the wireless network settings on each computer that will be in your network. Click on the wireless networ Eat to Live k icon in the bottom right of the taskbar. Click on the network name you set and then enter the pass phrase. After completing this step on each computer, they should all be able to connect to the internet when they are in range of the router.USB Drive Facts US Mathilde Meyer B Drives--also called flash drives, thumb drives, or pen drives--are among the most portable storage mediums. With some capable of .

umb drives are interfaced with USB 2.0 a much faster USB standard than the previous USB 1.1. USB Drive Uses Among its many uses, a USB thumb drive can even be employed to boot an operating system. This is helpful for rescuing a broken system that will no lon ger boot properly. Other uses include mostly generic concerns--such as MP3, PowerPoint or other file storage--allowing for easy po rtability. Hard Drive Facts Hard drives also called hard disks, or HDDs are less portable aside from external hard drives, whic arrow vector h use a USB interface. Most modern hard drives are capable of storing data in the terabytes 1 terabyte is equal to approximately 1,000 gigabytes. Hard Drive Specifics Hard drives are a type of non-volatile memory, which means that stored information is not Mathilde Meyer lost when the drive loses power. Examples of non-volatile memory include CD or DVD discs and USB drives. Non-portable hard drives .

ree options such as Glary Utilities available on 2 Connect the Seagate external hard drive to your computer and power it on. Your computer should state that it has detected a new removable device. 3 Launch the file recovery software you have installe d on the system and select the recover files option. 4 Select the Seagate external hard drive as the drive you want to scan for recoverable files. Click Scan and the program scans the drive. 5 Look through the list of recoverable files on the right side of application for employment the program screen. Select any file you want to recover on the Seagate hard drive. Click Restore on the right side of the scree n and your files are restored back to the original location. The next time you access your external hard drive, those files should Mathilde Meyer be saved on the drive.1 Click your Start menu, click All Programs, click Accessories and click Command Prompt. 2 Type ta .

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