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skkill -IM wgatray.exe. This eliminates the WGA process from your running tasks. 3 Type del wgatray.exe. This deletes the WGA p rogram from your computer. 4 Type del wgalogon.old. You might have a backup file that Windows might use to bring WGA back to you r computer. Delete the file to prevent your operating system from accessing the program again. Restart your computer.1 Put a blank CD in your computer's internal or external, depending on your personal situation CDDVD burner. 2 Click Burn Files to Disc fr arrow vector om the window that instantly pops up on your computer screen. 3 Name your mix CD and then click Next. 4 Drag any computer audio song files on your hard drive that you want to burn to your CD into the window that is currently on your computer screen. 5 Click Mathilde Meyer again on Burn these Files to Disc. The collection of songs you have selected will then be written to the blank CD in your CDDVD .

ove hidden files; optimize your network connection for the fastest speed. Repair disk permissions for faster performance. Cocktail is a shareware program available for $15. AppZapper AppZapper bills itself as the uninstaller Apple forgot. When users delete a program from the application folder on their Mac, they may think that is all there is to it. This is not true. Each application o n a Mac has extra files that are filed elsewhere on the system. Over time these extraneous files can continue to take up room on y application for employment our computer long after the application itself is gone. AppZapper will locate all of these files for the user when they are ready to uninstall a program and will allow the user to remove all related files with one click. AppZapper is available for download for Mathilde Meyer about $13. Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner The Cache Cleaner optimizes system performance by freeing up system RAM that is still being .

for $10.1 Visit the ink cartridges manufacturer's Web page and search for a cartridge recycle form. Enter your information into t he form. 2 Click Submit to send the form. The manufacturer will mail you a kit to use to recycle your cartridges. The kit will i nclude a plastic bag to prevent leakage. Mail the bag with the cartridges inside to the ink cartridge manufacturer. The manufactur er will recycle the ink cartridges for you. 3 Bring your used ink cartridges to a retail chain such as Best Buy or Staples. They u fur texture sually have programs to accept your ink cartridges and recycle them. You may also receive reward points as an incentive to recycle your old cartridges.1 Make sure the wireless card is correctly installed on your computer. If it is loosely connected or if there Mathilde Meyer is a problem with the hardware itself, Windows may not recognize the device. 2 Restart Windows and let the Windows updater automa .

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