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t questions. Find the font in which the numerals most closely match the numerals in your font sample. The font name will be displa yed above the character set image. Adobe Font Finder 5 Go to Adobe's Font Finder at the company's website see Resources. 6 Click the Common button and select any attributes that you can identify from the font numerals. Examples include Calligraphic if th e numerals appear to have been created with a calligraphy pen or quill, Outline if the numerals have no fill color, or Elegant fur texture if the numerals have swirls and ornamental whorls. Hover over each option to view a sample image of that attribute. 7 Repeat this attribute selection process for each section by clicking the Classification, Style, Theme and Use buttons. When the liste Mathilde Meyer d fonts have been narrowed down sufficiently, click on the image of the font that most closely resembles the numerals. 8 Click to .

dobe Font Finder link in the Resources section again. FontMatch 9 Download and install FontMatch see Resources. This program wi ll help you identify a font character or numeral by matching only to fonts that are installed on your computer. To use this progra m, you must have a digital image of one of the numerals that you wish to identify. 10 Launch the FontMatch program. 11 Click the File menu and select Open. Click to select the numeral image that you wish to identify, then click Open. 12 Type the font n Engine 2 Diet umeral into the Character text field. Click the Identify button. A list of the fonts that most closely match the numeral will be displayed with a percentage next to each font indicating the potential that the font is a match to the numeral sample provided. Mathilde Meyer 13 Click any of the listed fonts to display the font in the main FontMatch program window, which will allow you to make a side-by .

to the Windows directory for your computer. 3 Double click the System32' folder within the directory and delete the folder calle d KB905474. This eliminates the WGA notification wizard from your computer. Restart the system after you finish.The New Standard Serial ATA connections and devices hard drives included are becoming the new standard on motherboards and personal computers du e to the quicker transfer speeds and smaller cables. Cables The SATA hard drive connects to the motherboard using an SATA cable.Th arrow png e SATA cable is smaller in size than the traditional wide parallel ATA cables. Power The SATA power cable is smaller and uses a di fferent connector than traditional parallel ATA devices.Conversion adapters are available to connect the SATA hard drive power cab Mathilde Meyer le to a standard power supply. Speed The SATA interface is able to transfer data and communicate at a much higher speed with the m .

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