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l and connect the second bridge and the PoE switch in the other building in the same way. 6 Now configure both bridges one by one by following the manufacturer's instructions. Generally this is done by entering the IP address of the bridge in a Web browser.Tem porary Internet Files Internet users can free space by deleting temporary Internet files. This folder is used by Internet browsers to store multimedia content, HTML and CSS files from visited websites. Temporary Internet files are stored on your computer so yo paper textures u can access faster websites that you go to frequently. Recycle Bin Deleted files are moved to a temporary location called the Rec ycle Bin. This lets you restore an accidentally deleted file before it is permanently deleted. Items in the Recycle Bin occupy dis Mathilde Meyer k space and should be deleted regularly. Empty your Recycle Bin through Disk Cleanup or right-click the Recycle Bin icon on your d .

y files are unnecessary, but the files still occupy disk space on your computer. You can delete temporary files safely. Windows Er ror Reporting Windows error reporting files generate when a computer error occurs. When Windows malfunctions, Microsoft collects i nformation about your computer and generates a problem report. Microsoft uses this information to create solutions to your issue. After sending an error report, you can safely delete error reporting files from your computer. Other Files You can delete all Disk Fast Diet Cleanup files without causing computer problems. Depending upon computer use, you may use more space with one Disk Cleanup compon ent than another. Remove any other Disk Cleanup components that use a lot of disk space.1 Use your old hard drive as secondary---o Mathilde Meyer r slave---drive, and set your new hard drive as the primary drive. The primarysecondary hard drive combination allows you to ru .

f the jumper caps, refer to the jumper settings printed on each drive. 2 Convert your computer's old hard drive into an external d rive. With the help of an external drive enclosure, your old internal hard drive can function as a USB flash drive---allowing you to connect the drive to any computer with a USB or FireWire port. Simply place the hard drive into an external hard drive enclosur e, connect the supplied power cable to the enclosure and then connect the drive to any computer via a USB 2.0 or FireWire cable. 3 arrow icon Back up the important data on your old hard drive to DVD disks. Use a standard DVD authoring utility to burn all of your data fil es to DVDs, or use a disk imaging tool to back up your files and settings to DVDs. Disk imaging tools can be useful if you like yo Mathilde Meyer ur current file system and simply want to copy it to a new drive. After you've created a disk image of the old hard drive, install .

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