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account. If so, enter the login information for the account under the Built-in Account entry field. 4 Click Service and set S tart Mode to Automatic and then click OK. 5 Right click SQL Server Browser in the Configuration Manager window. Click St art from the pop-out dialog. 6 Click the + symbol next to SQL Server Network Configuration, then click Protocols for SQLEXPR ESS. 7 Right click TCPIP and click Enable. 8 Click SQL Server Services on the left pane and right click it. Click Restart Hormone Diet . Click Start and type Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Press Enter. 9 Click Start and type Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Press Enter. 10 Right click your SQL Server and click Properties. 11 Click Security and then click SQL Mathilde Meyer Server and Windows Authentication Mode. 12 Right click your SQL Server and click Restart again on the left pane of the Window.Y .

ive. 3 Run the Command Prompt as the administrator. To do this, type cmd into's Windows' Search bar within the Start menu. Rig ht-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. Enter the necessary password. 4 Type diskpart in the Command Prompt window and hit enter. Type list volume and hit Enter. This returns a list of the connected drives. The USB drive will b e listed as Removable media. You are going to need the drive letter and volume number displayed, so make note. 5 Type select Hydroxycut volume # enter the actual number and hit Enter. Type activate and hit Enter. 6 Type exit and hit Enter to quit the Di skPart program. Do not exit the Command Prompt yet. 7 Change directories to the C: drive by typing cd C: and hit Enter. Type Mathilde Meyer bootsect.exe nt60 A: Enter the appropriate drive letter, noted in the earlier stepand hit Enter. After the process completes .

out the soup can with dishwashing liquid and tap water. Dry out the soup can with a paper towel. Let the soup can dry for five ho urs. 3 Place a sheet of newspaper on a table. Stand the soup can on the newspaper with the open mouth facing up. Apply strips of d uct tape to the rim of the open mouth of the soup can. Smooth the duct tape down with your fingers. 4 Measure five inches up from the bottom of the soup can. Cut a hole through the side of the soup can at the five-inch mark with the blades of the scissors. Twi Jenny Craig st the blades of the scissors inside of the hole to smooth out the edges. 5 Sandpaper the edges of the hole cut in the side of the soup can. 6 Place a laptop on the table. Place the PCI card in the slot in the laptop. Position the PCI card’s antenna hori Mathilde Meyer zontally. 7 Place the tip of the PCI card’s antenna through the hole in the side of the soup can. Lie the soup can horizonta .

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