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lly next to the laptop. 8 Aim the open end of the soup can that is now a WiFi booster in the direction of the wireless home networ k’s transmitter.1 Open Start, Programs, and open your Internet browser. 2 Type in the router's address, which can be fou nd in the instruction manual for your router. This is normally something like 3 Enter your username and password for your router. 4 Click on Wireless Settings and select Security. Select WPA from the security type and enter a desired passwor Hydroxycut d to secure your network.1 Make sure the wireless switch on your Compaq Presario F730's case is turned ON. In order to use your wireless networking adapter, you have to turn on the switch on the case located above the keyboard. When on, the indicator light w Mathilde Meyer ill be illuminated in a blue color. 2 Try to move as close as possible to the source of the wireless network. The closer you can .

3 Reset your wireless access point. If you're attempting to connect to a wireless network that you have created in your home or of fice, reset both your modem and router and attempt to connect to it again. Most problems with a wireless network can be fixed by s imply restarting the modem and router, which will allow the network to start up fresh and without errors. 4 Enable your wireless n etworking adapter. Open the Control Panel on your Compaq Presario F730 and then click Network and Sharing Center. Click Change Jenny Craig Adapter Settings, right-click on your wireless network adapter's icon and click Enable. If your wireless network adapter was di sabled via the Windows operating system, it will have been unable to connect and your Compaq Presario F730 wouldn't have even be a Mathilde Meyer ble to recognize it.Saving BIOS Settings If your battery has any life left in it, use it to look up your BIOS settings. All these .

on screen that appears during startup. If it flashes too fast for you to read, you might just check the manual. In BIOS, navigate through every setup screen and make a note of the configuration settings. Replacing the Battery Unplug your computer and disconnec t all cables. Ground yourself by touching something metal on the computer housing. Remove the side panel and find the motherboard. The CMOS battery will be on the motherboard and looks like a small metallic disc.Different motherboards will house the CMOS batte Living Low-Carb ry in different ways. Some simply have a latch, others screw in, and some have a variety of clips. Remove the battery, taking care not to break any clips. Install the new battery, putting the poles in the same position as the old battery. For a CR2032, the pos Mathilde Meyer itive + poles should be up. Reattach any clips or latches that hold the battery in place. Replace the computer's side panel, rec .

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