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ll blank, you may have a bad video card. 3 Reset the CMOS if you see images on your monitor and you hear your hard drive spinning and the fan running. Turn the PC off, and unplug it. Ground yourself, and remove the battery. Refer to your PC's user's manual or the manufacturer's website to reset the CMOS on your computer. When you are finished, plug it back in and try to boot up. 4 Remove the memory if your W2247 will still not boot up. Remove one memory module at a time, and reboot your computer after you remove ea ebooks ch one, so you can determine which stick is bad. You can also put your RAM into another computer to test it, or run a memory test see Resources. 5 Check the operating system by booting into Safe Mode. Click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the s Mathilde Meyer creen and the arrow to the right of Shutdown, and select Restart. As your computer is booting up, tap the F8 key repeatedly. .

Boot into Safe Mode. Choose Last Known Configuration using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If your computer boots up using Las t Known Configuration, it is due to a recent change to the hardware or drivers. You need to remove the hardware or drivers if thi s is the case. 7 Click Start, type system into the Search box and click System Restore from the Programs list. Choose a da te to roll your PC back to a time when it worked. 8 Reboot your computer again. If it's still not working, you could have a bad CP website templates U or a bad motherboard. Unless you are computer savvy, you need to take your W2247 to a repair shop.1 Check to make sure the power outlet your computer is plugged into is working properly. See if a lamp will turn on if it is plugged into it. Also check to make Mathilde Meyer sure the power cord is securely attached to your computer's power source. If the cord is securely attached and the power outlet w .

t step. 3 Examine the jumpers on your motherboard. If you have recently adjusted a jumper to flash your BIOS or some other system procedure, make sure you have readjusted the jumper to its proper position. If this is not the problem, move on to the next step. 4 Examine your motherboard for signs of damage. This may include soot around the processor, bent pins and black burn marks. If the se signs are present, then the microprocessor is dead. If these are not present, move on to the next step. 5 Replace your computer fonts 's cover. 6 Turn on your computer. If the computer is plugged into an operational outlet, but you hear no sounds coming from withi n the computer itself, then the immediate problem is with the power supply. Try replacing the cord your are using. If this does no Mathilde Meyer t work, replace your power supply. If the computer does start up, move on to the next step. 7 Watch your screen as the computer st .

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