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. The lack of cooperation was also a severe damper on the technology's ability to grow for use in the mass market. Ethernet Inspir ation The widespread use of Ethernet technology, a wired connection, came about because there was an established standard for comm unication. Communication companies realized they also needed a similar standard for wireless technology. Although it meant more co mpetition between vendors, the industry standard ultimately led to the widespread use of Wi-Fi that we enjoy today. Establishing A Rice Diet Standard In 1988, an engineer for NCR Corporation named Victor Hayes teamed up with Bell Labs employee Bruce Tuch and contacted t he Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE. The IEEE had established the Ethernet standard. The 802.11 committee Mathilde Meyer was set up and companies began negotiating the new standard. Negotiations on the new standard weren't finalized until 1997. The or .

formed that equipment from different companies was finally able to communicate with each other. The Apple Connection In order to r each the mass market, companies needed someone to implement the new technology and make it popular. Apple Computer made a deal wit h Lucent that it would incorporate the new technology in all of its laptops if the company could deliver the product at a reasonab le price point. Lucent came through on its end of the bargain and Apple introduced the new wireless card in the then new iBook lin Slim-Fast e in 1999. Other computer manufacturers were quick to notice the hot new trend and adopted the new technology in their laptops as well.1 Attach one end of the USB cable to the output port of the USB hard drive. Attach the other end of the USB cable to a USB po Mathilde Meyer rt on the computer. Wait for the icon of the USB hard drive to appear on the computer's desktop. 2 Download a Clone copy program t .

all the program onto the computer's hard drive. Restart the PC. 3 Run the Clone copy program. Select the computer's hard drive fro m the drop down menu below the Source Disk tab. Select the name of the USB hard drive from the drop down menu below the Target Disk tab. 4 Click the check box next to the name of the computer's hard drive in the column below the Source Disk tab to select the entire hard drive for being cloned. 5 Select Backup Everything or Clone from the drop down menu below the Target Disk t Sonoma Diet ab. 6 Click the Clone button at the bottom of the Clone copy program. Click Yes in the confirmation window that appears. 7 Qui t the Clone copy program once the process has been completed. Drag the icon of the USB hard drive to the Trash if on a Mac or righ Mathilde Meyer t-click on the icon of the USB hard drive and select Eject if on a PC. Disconnect the USB cable from the USB hard drive and from .

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