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the USB port on the computer.1 Click Start and Control Panel. Select Adjust screen resolution under Appearance and Persona lization. 2 Select Advanced Settings and click the Troubleshoot tab. Select Change Settings and enter your administrator pa ssword if prompted. 3 Move the slider bar under Hardware Acceleration to Full and click OK to confirm your changes.1 Click Start and click Control Panel. 2 Click the Network and Sharing Center and select Manage Wireless Networks. 3 Right click on Slim-Fast the network whose key is to be modified and select Properties. 4 Click Security and type in the new wireless key so that you can once again access the Internet.1 Power off your computer.Use the screwdriver to remove the case from your computer'. The screw Mathilde Meyer s are normally on the back of your machine case. Slide the computer case cover off of the machine. This gives you an open view of .

mper pin settings labeled above the pins. Jumper pins are white connectors located on the back of the hard drive. Normally, you ha ve 2 jumper pins on the hard drive. A schematic above the pins shows you how to place the pins to designate a slave or master driv e. 4 Use the tweezers to remove the jumper pins and place them over the pins in the scheme that designates the type of drive you w ant to install. If you designate it as a slave drive, you need to designate your other hard drive as a master. 5 Use the screwdriv Sonoma Diet er to replace the computer case cover. Turn on your machine. During the boot sequence, you'll notice another hard drive is detecte d in the machine.1 Ensure the sound card is working properly.To do this, click the Windows button for Latitude computers running W Mathilde Meyer indows Vista or Windows 7 or Start for all other systems, and then click Control Panel.Select Sounds and Audio Devices.This .

rs either by visiting the card manufacturer's website or by visiting the Dell website see Resource. After downloading the driver s, run the downloaded file to automatically install it. 3 Place the volume icon in the taskbar.To do this, first click the Start or Windows button, then select Control Panel and then Sounds and Audio Devices.This will display thevolume properties.Under t he Volume tab, verify the Place Volume Icon in the Taskbar button is checked.If it is not, click the button, and then click O 3 Day Diet K.PCI Adapter 1 Turn off the computer and unplug it from the wall. Remove all the cables from the back of the computer. Make sure to memorize or write down their location so you can put them back the right way. 2 Lay the computer on its right side. Turn the c Mathilde Meyer omputer so the back is facing you. Press the two buttons on the side of the computer and push up to open the case. 3 Use your scre .

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