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l hard drive. Dispose of the original hard drive. 9 Put the replacement hard drive into the hard drive assembly. Reattach the scre ws. Reattach the black cable. Reattach the insulating piece of plastic. Reattach the hard drive assembly to the bottom case of the PowerBook G4. Reassemble the PowerBook G4. Reinsert the battery.Belarc Advisor In the event of hardware failure, you need to know what components your computer comprises before starting to troubleshoot. Belarc Adviser is an inventory tool that produces an HTM Wheat Belly L report showing information about your software and hardware installed. Gathered information includes motherboard type, CPU speci fication, operating system revision, web browser, and Microsoft hot fixes. Once you have the computer inventory, it is easier for Mathilde Meyer you to diagnose the problems. Micro-Scope - Diagnostic Software Diagnostic software can check the system and identify problems by .

DOS or Windows, for the sake of fast troubleshooting. It can conduct hard-drive testing, memory testing, or a combined testing for diagnosing hardware issues. In the following scenarios, you can seek help from this tool: blue screen of death or other intermitt ent faults, faulty memory stick, infected hard drive, and new hardware conflicts. Troubleshooting with Cable Testers Computer-asso ciated networking problems include bad cabling and broken wires. Numerous devices can be used to test the network communication ca Dr. Andrew Weil bling. Cabling Tester is one of them. You can use data cabling testers to conduct various tests on the UTP unshielded twisted pai r STP shielded twisted pair and coaxial cables. Issues including crossed-over wiring, broken wires, short connections, and im Mathilde Meyer paired cable connections can be detected by this tool.1 Unplug your computer and open the computer case. You may need to use a scr .

3 Remove the screws from the side of your hard drive with a screwdriver, and insert the hard drive into the PC's hard drive slot. Screw the hard drive into the slot with your hard drive screws. 4 Connect one of the white, 4-pin Molex connectors to the 4-pin po rt on the back of your hard drive. These connectors are sticking out of the power cables running through your PC. 5 Connect an ava ilable SATA connector to the SATA port in the back of your hard drive. This connector should be connected to the SATA cable attach the zone diet ed to your primary hard drive. These cables are longer and have more pins than the 4-pin Molex connectors. 6 Reattach the PC case and plug the PC's wires back in. Turn the PC on, and itshould recognize your new drive. Follow the subsequent installation prompts Mathilde Meyer to begin using the drive.1 Right-click the Taskbar and remove the check mark located next to Lock the Taskbar. If the selection .

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