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ssary if the disk being copies is large. Storage Store the disk image separately from the copied disk to protect from lost data. I deally, removable storage media---CD, DVD or removable drives---should be used, allowing long-term protection in an off-site locat ion. Restoring Data Disk image files are stored on the target disk CD, DVD as raw binary data and may be compressed. This means that the disk requires mounting software such as a computer operating system or disk utility in order to restore the data. Some co 3d models mputer repair services offer disk image restorationUSB Printer Not Working A Lexmark USB printer that is not working or is not rec ognized by the computer could be a sign that the Plug and Play features have not been enabled in the BIOS setup.In order for Plug Mathilde Meyer and Play USB devices to be recognized, the BIOS settings must be changed to enable PnP features within the operating system. Compu .

e Printer and Faxes menu found in the Control Panel. Not recognized Another reported problem is that sometimes the Lexmark Plug an d Play printer is not recognized when connected to the computer.This can be caused by having a faulty USB connection on the comput er.Check to see if the USB connection is the problem by unplugging the printer device and testing the device on another USB port.1 Click the Start menu and type run in the search bar. Press the Enter key. This will launch your Run... tool. 2 Type CMD 1200 Calorie Diet and press the Enter key. This will launch Command Prompt. 3 Type Chkdsk and press the Enter key. This will initiate the s canning process. Chkdsk will identify errors including the ones related to Dr. Watson and fix them automatically. 4 Close the comm Mathilde Meyer and prompt. 5 Reboot your computer.Pen Is Unresponsive 1 Make sure that the laptop has been converted to the Tablet configuratio .

he keyboard until it locks into the Tablet position. 2 Clean the touch screen to ensure that the pen is making adequate contact with the surface. Make sure to use a non-abrasive wipe to avoid damaging the display.This should also be done when troubleshooting pen performance issues. 3 Reinstall the pen. Remove the battery, disconnect the power cord and connected devices, then shut down the computer and remove the pen from the pen holder.Re-insert the pen, reinstall the battery, reconnect the power cord and turn th 3d models e computer on. Pen Performance Issues 4 Calibrate your touch screen to ensure that it is optimized for your handwriting and gestur es. Click Start and select Control Panel.From the Control Panel, open Tablet PC Settings.Click the General tab, select Ca Mathilde Meyer librate and follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your touchscreen. 5 Adjust the mouse preferences to resolve issues wit .

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