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evices are produced with both WAP and WAP 2.0 compliance.Function Unlike a standard remote control system, the Z-Wave controller d oes not have to be in sight of the controlled device. The protocol uses a mesh network architecture enabling out-of-range devices to be controlled by routing signals through other Z-Wave-enabled devices. Signals can pass through walls and floors and route arou nd blocking objects or radio dead spots. Features Most wireless communication is performs in a range around the 2.4 gigahertz radi 3d models o frequency. Z-Wave operates in a range around 900 megahertz. This requires much less power to generate and can be accomplished wi th battery-operated devices. The range of a Z-Wave signal is 30 meters indoors and 100 meters outdoors. Applications Light switche Mathilde Meyer s, garage door motors, televisions, stereos and thermostats are typical applications for a Z-Wave controller. A receiving sensor i .

und the back side of the computer system. 2 Slide off the computer case to expose the interior of the computer. 3 Look toward the front top of the computer. You can see the hard drive sitting on a shelf with two cables running into the back of the drive. Disco nnect these cables from the hard drive. Look to where the cables connect to the motherboard the large computer circuit board in t he middle of the case. Remove the cables from the motherboard, because you'll need these cables if installing the drive in a new typewriter font computer. 4 Remove the Phillips screws holding the drive in place. Once you have the screws off, you can slide the hard drive out of the computer case.1 Remove any objects between the router and wireless-enabled computer that may cause signal interference. Mos Mathilde Meyer t household objects will not create a complete disruption of wireless signal, though some electronics, such as cordless phones, ca .

erators are sitting within 5 feet of the router. 2 Plug an Ethernet cable into the router, and plug the other end into a computer' s Ethernet port. Open an Internet browser and type the local IP address of the router into the URL bar of the browser. Log in to t he settings menu of the Netgear router by entering the administrative username and password. The factory settings of the router ha ve the login name as admin and password as password. The factory-set local IP address is 3 Click the tab labele video icon d wireless in the router's main settings menu. Choose the Enable SSID broadcast option and type in a name for the wireless bro adcast. Go to the Wireless Security tab and select a security mode. A common mode is WAP and allows for shared passwords using l Mathilde Meyer etters and numbers. Create a password and click Save to save the new settings. Exit the browser and disconnect the Ethernet cabl .

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