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e. Using the wireless-enabled computer, try to connect to the wireless network with the name that was just created. Open a website to test the connection.Interface The HP 5188-3742 uses a standard PCI interface. This makes it compatible with most modern comput ers from any manufacturer. Network The 5188-3742 is compatible with 802.11abg wireless networks with a maximum data speed of 54 Mbps megabits per second.It operates at 2.4 GHz. Requirements The HP 5188-3742 requires Windows XP or later operating systems an typewriter font d an empty PCI Slot.With the proper drivers, it can work with the Windows Vista operating system.It is not compatible with Macinto sh computers.1 Uninstall the third-party Bluetooth driver. In Windows XP, click on Start and Control Panel, then select AddR Mathilde Meyer emove Programs. Scroll through the list of programs to find the third-party driver and click on Uninstall to remove it. 2 Renam .

file is present, right-click the file, select Rename and rename it to bth.inf. 3 Restart your computer; the Microsoft Bluetoot h driver will load automatically. Look for the Bluetooth icon in your task bar. If it's not there, click Start and Run. Type bthprops.cpl in the Open box and click OK. This will bring up the Bluetooth Devices window where you can select the options f or your Bluetooth device.1 Shut down your laptop, close your LCD display, disconnect the power cable, remove the battery pack and video icon disconnect other cables and external devices. 2 Attach an antistatic wrist wrap to your wrist. Attach the wire clip to the laptop' s casing. This prevents shock from static electricity. Place the laptop face-down. 3 Remove the two Phillips-head screws attaching Mathilde Meyer the hard drive cover to the bottom casing of the laptop. Lift the cover from the laptop casing, and then set it to the side. 4 Li .

ive snaps into place. 6 Replace the hard drive compartment cover, and then replace the two retaining screws. 7 Replace the battery pack, and then place the laptop face-up. Reconnect the power cable, miscellaneous cables and external devices. Open the LCD displ ay as far as it will go, and then power-on your laptop.1 Open up the My Computer tab on the computer's main screen and find the SanDisk USB drive among the drives shown as present in the system. Connect the SanDisk USB drive to an available port on the compu invoice template ter and take note of where the drive appears. Some computers will recognize the USB drive as Removable Storage, while others wil l simply give it an alternative drive name. 2 Select the SanDisk USB drive from the available otions. Highlight the photos that yo Mathilde Meyer u want to transfer from the portable USB drive and drag them with your mouse to the folder where you would like them saved. This t .

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