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siest way to return the system's operation. Safe Mode is a built in feature of the T6520's Media Center operating system and can b e accessed at startup by pressing F8 when the eMachines startup screen appears, and before Windows starts. Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode and press Enter. Safe Mode disables many of the default services that start with Windows, including any t hat may be interfering with startup. Within Safe Mode, you can remove any malfunctioning services manually, or use the System Rest pokemon 3d ore feature to roll back the system to correct operation. Recovery Console If Safe Mode does not start correctly, advanced users c an access the Windows Recovery Console to perform repairs. If the Recovery Console has been installed on the system previously, op Mathilde Meyer en it by selecting Recovery Console from the list at startup. Otherwise, insert the Media Center disc and press R during start .

hines software for creating recovery discs. If you have already created these discs, they can restore the computer to the state it was in at the time of their creation. To use this option, insert the first disc into the system during startup and follow the ins tructions to restore the system. Note that this method will remove any personal information and programs added to the system since the discs were created.1 Click Start, followed by My Computer, then right-click the hard drive icon. Make sure you are sele tattoo script cting the correct drive you want to erase data from. Once a drive is erased, you can not restore the previous information. Because of this, you need to back up your data before formatting the drive. 2 Select Format from the pull-down menu after right-clickin Mathilde Meyer g the hard drive. A new window appears on the screen. 3 Choose Quick Format and select Format. A prompt appears asking if you .

nel of your computer's chassis by unfastening any screws holding it on. Place the panel aside. 2 Slide the CDDVD burner into an o pen 5 14-inch bay on the front of the chassis. Slide the drive in so that the bezel of the drive is flush with the bezel of the c hassis. Fasten the connector screws into the side of the drive. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws. 3 Connect the appropria te data cable from the rear of the drive to the matching port on the motherboard. 4 Connect the correct power cable Molex or SATA vector icons from the power supply to to the proper port on the rear of the burner. 5 Replace the side panel of the chassis and re-fasten any screws you may have remove. Reconnect the computer's cabling and power it on. Test the drive by opening and closing the disk-tray Mathilde Meyer a few times. Print The Label 6 Place a Lightscribe- or Labelflash-enabled CD or DVD in your drive. 7 Launch your disk labeling so .

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