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ftware of choice. Most Lightscribe- or Labelflash-enabled burners come with a free piece of disk authoring software. Follow the ow ner's guide to install the software properly. 8 Select the labeling component of your authoring software. Methods will vary from p rogram to program, so consult your user's guide for details. 9 Select the image or text you'd like on your disk. Flip your disk wi th so that the label is facing the proper direction. Click the Write or Burn button within your authoring software to begin th tattoo script e label making process. 10 Remove the disk from the drive when the write process is complete. You may use the disk right away, as there is no ink that needs to dry. Disk Label Printer 11 Connect the printer to your computer via USB or the appropriate data conn Mathilde Meyer ection. Plug the printer into a power source and press the On button. 12 Install the software that shipped with your printer. Pl .

inter. Use the software to design your label with text and images. 15 Click the Print button to begin the printing process. When the process is complete, remove the disk from your printer.1 Reboot your computer using the Windows installation CD. To do this, insert the CD into your computer and then restart the computer. Press any key when presented with the message to Press any key to boot from CD. 2 Select your language preferences from the drop-down menu when you reach the Install Windows page. Click Next vector icons when you're done choosing your language preferences. 3 Accept the license terms by clicking the check box next to I accept the l icense terms and click Next. 4 Select Custom installation when asked what type you want to perform. 5 Click Drive options a Mathilde Meyer dvanced on the Where do you want to install Windows? page. 6 Delete any and all partitions that exist on your hard drive. If y .

format is complete. 8 Follow the prompts to complete the reinstallation of Windows. Once completed, your computer has been master reset.1 Click the Start button on your computer's taskbar. 2 Type regedit in the text box and press the Enter key on your ke yboard. This will launch the Registry Editor. 3 Navigate through the registry folders in the left pane until you have opened the p ath to HKEYLOCALMACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices. You will see your services listed in registry keys below this entry letter format . 4 Click on the registry key for the service you want to edit in the left pane. You will see information about this key appear in the right pane. The start type is controlled by the registry entry named Start. 5 Right-click the Start entry and choose Mod Mathilde Meyer ify from the menu. 6 Type a new number in the Value Data text box. The value 2 will change the start type to Automatic, the .

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