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value 3 will change the start type to Manual and the value 4 will change the start type to Disabled. 7 Click OK to save the changes to the registry. You may need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.What is AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wireless Networking? Among it's many innovations and improvements over previous 802.11 wireless networking, 802.11n wireless netwo rking uses technology called Multiple-Input Multiple-Output that can handle multiple data streams through multiple antennas usin vector icons g a unique smart antenna and signal processing technique. The performance has increased five-fold and the wireless range has doubl ed since its predecessor, 802.11g. In addition, it is backwards compatible with all earlier editions of 802.11 wireless networking Mathilde Meyer media and devices. How it Works When you turn on your iMac, it instantly detects available wireless networks and makes them avail .

reviously connected to so you will be asked the network password only once unless settings have been changed to prohibit this def ault feature. Get The Most Out of 802.11n Wireless Networking The AirPort Extreme 802.11n wireless router available at the Apple Store naturally takes advantage of 802.11n MIMO technology. The AirPort Extreme router allows you to connect up to 50 wireless d evices to the Internet, offers simple networking for easy device-to-device communication and is equipped with top of the line se letter format curity.Testing Wireless Connection Speed 1 There are multiple sites that provide free services to test multiple things affecting w ireless connection speed. Some of the most commonly used sites are listed in the Resources section at the end of this article. Log Mathilde Meyer on to a site that provides a speed test. 2 Depending on how exact you wish to be in testing your wireless connection speed, run o .

true of ping. 3 Note the results from the tests. Run the tests again at various times in the day and compare the times to get a more accurate wireless connection speed. Doing the test at multiple times and at different points in the day or night is suggested because within each type of test, the results will vary. This variation occurs because of various factors such as network congest ion and other downloadsuploads in progress.1 Restart your computer. Press the key indicated on the monitor screen to access the B free books IOS setup screen. If the message disappears too quickly for you to read, press Pause Break after the computer starts to freeze t he display. Press Pause Break again to unfreeze the display. 2 Use the directional pad to navigate to the Boot or Advanced Op Mathilde Meyer tions screen. You may need to press Enter to open the menu. 3 Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Hard Drive Boot Priority .

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